About Us

Upstay operates and optimizes short-term rentals to create ROI for homeowners and unforgettable vacation homes for guests.

Based in Orlando, Florida, Upstay offers short-term rentals across the United States, Eastern Canada, and South America. Our team of 160+ employees manages 400+ properties on behalf of owners. We treat every property in our portfolio as an investment with a focus on maximizing profit without sacrificing best-in-class hospitality for our guests. 

Our mission is to empower homeowners by unlocking high ROI opportunities usually reserved for institutional investors.

What makes Upstay different from other property management companies?

Instead of relying on third-party contractors, Upstay maintains diligent oversight over our in-house quality assurance and guest experience teams. Our agile business model allows our team to be available to guests 24/7, should they require any assistance during their stay.