Upstay Guest Protection Plans

Upstay Guest Protection Plans provide travelers with coverage for accidental physical damage to a rental property during their stay.

Registered guests automatically enroll in the Upstay Guest Protection Plan when a deposit is paid. Upgraded protection plans can be purchased for additional coverage. Upstay will cover registered guests for eligible physical damage costs above the deductible which is equivalent to the damage deposit collected upon arrival, NOT to exceed the protection plan’s coverage amount.

Suppose any part of the physical damage is not covered by insurance (including, for example, a guest’s personal insurance or a third party’s insurance). In that case, each protection plan reflects the agreement between the registered guest and Upstay as to how to fairly allocate responsibility for the financial consequences of that physical damage.

The Upstay Guest Protection Plan is offered by Upstay and is meant to protect guests from accidental damage to the rental property. If there is a violation of Upstay’s Terms of Services, our House Rules, or applicable law, the Protection Plans are automatically voided.

Upstay is NOT an insurance company and does not have or offer insurance for physical damage to your rental property. The contract with Upstay under the protection plan which limits your responsibility for physical damage to the home is not insurance.

Purchase A Plan: 

  • Our protection plans must be purchased at least 24 hours prior to check-in. 

Protection Plan Options: 
  • $10 for up to $2,000 coverage. 

Cancel A Plan: 

  • You can cancel and request a refund if you cancel the protection plan before the scheduled arrival date. 

Reporting Damages: 

  • When you opt into a damage protection plan when booking your trip, you must immediately report any damage to the rental property to Upstay at, or +1 407-863-6255. Failure to report an incident within a 24-hour time period or cooperate in an investigation will invalidate any protection plan received.
Recommended For: 

  • Those traveling with children, groups, or pets. 
  • Those staying for an extended amount of time.